Search & Rescue Misson

NGSS: Motion and Stability: Forces and Interactions

In this authentic, problem-based challenged, students are members of an elite squad - The Rescue Rangers. Due to a deadly fire in California on September 20th, 2020, the government has given significant funding to the use of Drones in rescuing survivors trapped by dangerous fires and floods. 

The Rescue Rangers have been working with a company called Robolink to perfect this technology. There is an impending fire just outside a small town called Hagerville, and the team has been gathered to run a simulation in case they are needed for an actual rescue.

Your mission - should you choose to accept it - is to collaborative work with your fellow Rescue Rangers to run a successful simulation. Good luck and may the props be in your favor...

MISSION OBJECTIVE - Safely transport the remaining 4-6 citizens fo Hagerville to safety, across the river to the Helipad. 

Educational Resources

Standards covered:

Teacher's Guide

Message to Rescue Rangers

Learning about Newton's Laws

Spreadsheet for Data Collection

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Tasks Toward Mission Success

Engage in prior knowledge...

Click on this video to see how the Wright Brothers put Newton's Laws into action.

Newton's Laws

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Determining Extraction Site

You will need to search the town of Redwood Valley, California to determine the best extraction site for your rescue mission.

Download Task 3

Finding an Extraction Site

Using Google Earth, explore the area around Redwood Valley, CA and determine the best extraction site for your rescue. CLICK HERE to download the activity sheet.